10 Habits to Quit in 2019

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy
to be broken”- Warren Buffet.
Our habits define the structure of our lives. It’s 2019 and it’s time we know what needs a change in us and start implementing immediately. 10 Habits to Quit in 2019:

1Spending too much time on Social Media. 
On an average we spend about 2 hours 22 minutes per day on Social Media platforms as suggested by https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2019/01/how-much-time-do-people-spend-social-media-infographic.html

Reducing this habit can lead to a more productive 2 hours plus in life everyday which can be utilised for meaningful things which will help us progress healthily.

2. Overspending at restaurants, clubs, lounges etc
Every weekend you tend to hit the latest place in town so you don’t suffer from FOMO. This causes a big hole in your pockets and creates a havoc on your monthly budgets. Resist it guys, you eat to live and not live to eat!

3. Not taking your workouts seriously.
Giving excuses to self about not hitting the gym is a common phenomena. We all tend to tell ourselves why we need not go to the gym on a particular day. Break the monotony and see the rewards a disciplined life gives you.

4.Not spending enough time with your family.
We have enough time to prioritise work, social obligations, friends, colleagues but we miss out on the most important people in our lives. Family comes above all. Make time for them before its too late!

5.Not fighting the feeling of laziness.
Laziness has killed more dreams than wars. Stop giving up on everything you want to do but aren’t doing because you’re simply LAZY. Once you start seeing the positive results, laziness will be dealt with. Till then, hustle each day, drive laziness away!

Stop being too hard on yourself. You’re not God. You are bound to make mistakes everyday. Start learning the lesson and bring about positive changes in your life rather than cursing yourself away to death.

7.Being too judgemental of others.
Let’s not judge people on what the eyes see. Sometimes the truth is something completely different. Each person has a different story so judging without knowing the entire story is unfair. What works for you might not work for someone else. Learn to EMPATHISE…!

8.Working overtime ignoring your health. 
Being ambitious is great. But if the ambition takes total control over our lives, so much so that we can’t even look after ourselves; is it really worth it? Health is Wealth is a proverb for a reason. If you look after yourself, your body will look after your ambitions..!

9.Waiting for Weekends to have a life.
If only weekends make you feel liberated and happy, your soul is on the death bed. What is the point of living for 2 days a week and not having fun on the rest 5 days? Learn the art of managing your time well to avoid the “weekday blues”. Look forward to each day that you’ve been blessed with.

10. Giving up too easily.
I don’t really know if this has become a trait with the majority nowadays. It is so difficult to hold on. People are so impatient that giving up feels comforting and easy. Having an attitude of ” I can never give up” is what’s in.. Try it and see how you win..

So i hope we all take a step forward to change these habits in 2019 and live a better life with smiles, self belief, discipline and the love of our families!

Let me know in the comments below which other habits you would want to change this year!


10 signs you’re succeeding in life (even if you don’t feel like you are.)

There are days you just feel like a loser, not having lost the battle with the world but with yourself. When you lose the zeal to commit yourself to endless hard work and passion, is when you feel you’ve lost the race.

But being a loser or being successful is a state of mind. You have to feel like a winner before you become one. This feeling comes in with sincere dedication and self love. Take each day as it comes and celebrate small successes rather than sulking all day waiting for that day when the world calls u a “WINNER”.

10 SIGNS to show you are succeeding each day of your life:

  1. You have a family that loves you and supports your dream unconditionally.

2. You have set and written down your goals on paper and you are working on them.

3. You do not suffer from inferiority complex.

4. After a sad day, you have friends who can lift up your spirits and make you smile again.

5. You can celebrate others’ successes.

6. The thought of tomorrow doesn’t give you jitters down the spine.

7. A failure doesn’t makes you believe that you cannot make it ever.

8. You’ve let go off toxic people and things that didn’t make you feel good.

9. You’re aware of your shortcomings and believe you can improve.

10. You’re not afraid to ask for help and support from people who are better off than you.

So are you feeling successful enough today? Share your stories in the comments below.

Game Of Thrones Life Lessons..

Game of Thrones is making a comeback in 2 days for the finale season and we can’t wait in excitement. But over the years, there has been so much to take and learn from the series and the characters. Lets list down our favourite characters and what they taught us in life:

Cersei Admit your mistakes in time before its too late.
Being over smart can really be costly at times, know when to
act and when to react. Admit to the faults when you’re 
questioned. It will always reduce the pain and sufferings of 
being a liar.

JoffreyDo not misuse your power.
If you’re given an authority, use it wisely or else you turn all your friends into foes. Doing something foolish and unjust in the name of power will make you lose your honour and dignity and sometimes, your life!

Ned StarkWait for the right time before making your next move.
Sometimes, being too direct and on your face can be more harmful than helpful. You must understand when to talk and when to just observe quietly!

Melisandre Having faith in a higher power is good but never become blinded by it.
We all believe in the supreme god, but blindly believing and 
propagating super natural things in the name of God is an issue we all need to deal with. Faith in the almighty is good but doing something wrong and presenting it as a will of God is not going to take you anywhere.

Melissandre and her thoughts about the Lord of Light.


AryaWith determination and dedication, you can achieve anything.
We all need that one force to reckon with to lead our lives the way we want to. Its focus!. With undivided focus and will there is absolutely nothing that is unachievable or impossible in life. Be like Arya, a total badass and the best in her what she loves to do.

Arya with her sword “Needle”


SansaYour only limit is you. Be Brave, Be Fearless.
You can literally achieve everything once you become fearless. Don’t let fear be your companion for life. Come out of your comfort zone and explore all possibilities rather than living a life of regrets. Take chances, for you never know which may change your life forever.!

Sansa’s evolution-From a timid girl to a warrior.


DaenerysAll Glory comes from daring to begin.
You only have to start with your journey. If you are in the right direction, no matter the hurdles, success will be yours; always. It takes courage to begin alone from nowhere.People only see the brighter side of things. To lead a glorious life, you have to start today even if you’re all alone.

Daenerys Targayren- The rightful heir to the throne.


OberynFinish doing before you start talking.
Don’t start showcasing your talents when you aren’t too sure of them. Let your work speak for itself. For if its worthy enough, it will be glorified. Don’t self promote and be over confident of your skills before proving its mettle. It can DESTROY you!

Oberyn’s paid the price of his over confidence,


OleannaLearn from your experiences for they are your best teachers.
No one other than your own life lessons can teach you the importance of being right or wrong. Learn from your mistakes. Observe your surroundings, for they can teach you the biggest virtues to lead a harmonious life. Be wise enough to differentiate between good and bad, foolish and intelligent, emotion and aggression.

The sassy lady Oleanna Tyrell.


Jon Snow Be so good at something that you become undefeatable.
Master your craft in a way that no one can beat you in the task. Be so good at something that no one stands as a competition in the race. This comes with practice, practice and more practice. Be so determined and dedicated that you’re never out of form. Be the master of the trade and help others learn from you.

Be courageous and brave like Jon Snow.


TyrionSize doesn’t really matters.

We must realise that if we’re good at something, our size,colour, caste,creed,gender doesn’t matters. There are more things than one to learn from our favourite character TYRION.

  • Keep your friends close and enemies closer!
  • Read, for there’s nothing that can teach you better.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself.
  • Enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Your orating skills can take you to places.
  • Don’t trust anyone blindly.
  • Be selfish when it comes to your honour and dignity.
  • Life is full of opportunities, recognise them.

The smallest but the wisest Tyrion Lannister.


There are still so many things to learn from other characters as well but these remain my favourites. Which one of these are your life lessons? Which character do you love the most? Tell me in the comment section below.

Happy Siblings Day..!

Your parents gave you the biggest gift they ever can,
In the form of a sibling, your true critic, your real fan.
The love and bond is so pure and emotional,
The relationship lasts forever as its devotional.

When things go wrong and all you do is yelp,
A sibling is the first one who comes to help.
To remove your doubts,your fears, your dismays,
And help you look beyond in some or the other ways.

He/She is your confidant, your best friend in need,
To overcome the flaws and assist you indeed.
To guide you towards the correct path to choose,
To give you a list of all the don’t and do’s.

You may fight with your sibling on a daily basis,
Or stay far away from each other and miss faces,
But the relationship you share till the day you die,
Is the special bond of love to always live by.

Blessed are the people who have a sibling,
For their lives are filled with laughter and giggling,
So lets all celebrate this blessing, as we all say,
To mine, to yours a very HAPPY SIBLINGS day. 🙂

Your Potential is Endless…

“Your aspiration is what defines your personality” – I believe
But what does it do for your identity? my thoughts weave,
For your dreams to become an untainted reality,
You have to explore your potential to full capacity.

Let your abilities wander in the beautiful world,
Enjoy its music, dance with movements swirled.
For you will then realise what you’re really good at,
Add it into your skill list,like a feather in the hat.

Every human on earth is blessed with special flairs,
The one who succeeds is the one who dares,
The choices are made by each on its own.
The consequences are also similarly borne.

What is the joy if your true potential is unknown?
Introspect deep into your roots which are sown,
Find the meaning and purpose of your life,
Which instills in you the crazy amount of drive.

Drive that makes you work harder each single day,
Which motivates you enough for people to say,
“You inspire me with your talent and dedication”
This and only this in the world, is your true validation.

So roll up your sleeves, for the time has come,
Broaden your horizon, don’t limit the “some”,
For some can be skilled and turned into many,
It can surely help you earn your next penny.

Don’t restrict your dimensions,for it has no end,
Don’t stick to your guns, learn to also bend.
Face the hurdles, challenge your potential,
And then you can add the skill to your credential!!

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Inhale Courage,Exhale Fear..

“What is it that you are so scared of? ” I asked myself,
My hands shivering,on a sunny afternoon at twelve.
“Why aren’t you taking the first step?” I asked again,
There was pin drop silence,all questions in vain.

For my heart had no answers which could explain,
The fear was so severe that having courage was pain,
It only knew how to stop me from taking the initiative,
For I was never sure of the ultimate result and motive.

The panic was so deeply stricken,it choked my voice,
Delaying it with excuses each day was the only choice.
Having courage was so stressful, it was better off away,
And the guilt of not doing it was killing me anyway.

One day, i convinced myself and finally took control,
My thoughts overjoyed running out on a parole,
But then,in the very first step i took, i failed,
Fear cropped back in,the courage was again jailed. 

Years down the line, the courage came out of the grave,
The fear was somewhere still sleeping in the cave.
With courage came the strength to overcome the fear,
My vision, my dreams, my goals were still clear.

Inhaling the courage everyday made it grow,
It gave my dreams the power to move to and fro.
Exhaling Courage was the only thing left on my list,
Which by now was out of my body but holding the wrist.

By practicing this inhale exhale theory, i improved,
And now,believed in my thoughts,they got approved.
So don’t let go off your dreams so dear,
Inhale Courage each day and exhale your fear!!!! 

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One day or Day One….

One day ” I will become successful” he said,
Very casual thoughts strolling in his head.
One day ” I will rule this world” she said,
With eyes full of dreams,wide and red.

Both of them decided of doing something one day,
For one day was far away and all they could say.
Both of them did not realise the most important thing,
For your dreams to fly,you have to flap your wings.

The thought of beginning has to come today,
Only then can you see it working your way.
The dream will come alive but only that day,
When your actions finally comedown to pay.

The minute you start working, it becomes a mission,
Work so hard that it becomes your best edition.
For what is life if you aren’t working hard enough,
What is life if its all easy instead of being tough…

Day one begins at first in your minds,
Move head even if there are blinds,
Follow your passion and see it reward,
That will give you the biggest award.

Let your day one be the first day of the new YOU,
And believe in yourself, you can do it too.
One day or Day one, its all in your hand,
Try it and see where exactly do you land. 🙂

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Nothing will work, unless you do….

Push yourself harder each day, just go out and play,
Carve your niche, work on it in every possible way.
Destiny is determined from the very first day,
It doesn't matters if its April or May.

Work towards your goal, take all probable chances,
You never know when the success god dances.
And all your dreams will get their due share,
They will get wings and fly in the air.

Reach out to people who can help you succeed,
In the beginning, they are the ones you need.
Tell them what u exactly want in life,
Build the courage and take it in your strive.

Throw away your excuses, for they have no value,
Living without a dream is pointless, can you?
Drive your imagination to heights unknown,
Don't be ignorant, you have a smartphone.

Dreams remain dreams until you open your eyes,
Stop living in illusion, stop believing the lies,
In today's times nothing will work, unless you do,
And work so hard, that it starts to speak for you...!!!

If opportunity doesn’t knock,build a Door….

A goal is a dream with a deadline.

-Napolean Hill

Life gives us some or the other opportunity everyday, but the difficult task is to recognise them. No matter how hard we try,sometimes we fail to see it even when its right under our nose. The art to recognise such opportunities is what makes one better than the rest.

We are the product of our choices,someone has rightly said. The chances we take, the decisions we make, the engagements we partake; all collectively decide how our life structures. So what is that we lack? Why can’t we decide what we want to do with our lives? Why does it seem so difficult to make a choice? The answer is,perhaps, we don’t trust ourselves enough. We believe everyone else is better than us. This self doubt is the reason we fail to recognise opportunities most of the time.

Lets discuss ways to improve:

  • Make way for new beginnings, without the doubts,
  • Learn along the process the ways and whereabouts
  • List down your goals,your beliefs,your dreams,
  • Pen down your thoughts, however unbelievable it seems.
  • Keep your eyes and mind open, look for the opportunity,
  • Leave away your guilt, fault finding and self pity.
  • Sew down your actions in a defined goal plan,
  • Distribute them in a specified, set time span.
  • Respect your abilities,for they will never leave you
  • Trust your instincts,they are your best friends too.
  • Chase your dreams and don’t look back,
  • Success comes with hardwork and no other hack.
  • Look out for chances, they come across very often,
  • Not taking up one,is no less than a sin.
  • And still if your desired opportunity seems afar,
  • Pull up your socks and raise the bar.
  • If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
  • Take the lead and success will ask for more.

Risking a chance is better than regretting of not taking one. So if you feel you are at that phase in your life where you have to make a choice, take it even if it seems risky at first. And if you feel you are not being given the correct opportunity then build one for yourself. It is not always necessary to let others give you a chance to perform and shine. Sometimes you have to create one and outperform others.

The right opportunity is that door which when opened, makes everything feel right and correct.But if it doesn’t knock on your door, build it yourself by facing adversities, focussing on your ultimate goals and following the path which leads to the door.

Give it what it takes from your heart,soul and the core.
Ignore the pain, the stress and the temporary soar,
For the door is waiting to be build, go for it,don't say no,
Run towards it with confidence and see how far u go..!!!

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You’re not stuck….

You are not stuck where you are,unless you decide to be….

-Wayne W Dyer

Its not the world who stops you every time you want to do something. Sometimes its your choice. Some call it being lazy, some just not interested or dedicated. But what is the real reason behind our not being able to do it even after we desperately want to?

Its our behavioural pattern in the past. What works in one case might not work for the other. But we tend to be repetitive in our approach and that leads to the setback. With changing times, our minds need to be proactive to follow and accept changes.

  • Change the formulas with the current trend,
  • No matter how hard it seems to end.
  • Accept challenges with an open mind,
  • Look for things which aren’t easy to find.
  • Move up the ladder with sheer hardwork.
  • Take the smiles, ignore the smirk.
  • For things keep changing every moment.
  • Stay active,stay alive, not dormant
  • Believe in the strategies people adopt,
  • There’s a reason only some people top.
  • Follow the upcomings, leave behind the old,
  • The odd one is already bought or sold.
  • Be the change in the way the world understands,
  • GO with the flow,don’t hold the sand.

Time waits for none. If you don’t catch up with the ongoing trends, you wont land up anywhere. So take the train, leave the bus. But when its time for the plane, don’t make a fuss. !! For you’re not a chair which cannot move on its own, move ahead,don’t cry as if you’re stuck with a bad loan….!!

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